Car Rental Guide for Mongolia

A bad vehicle can ruin your entire journey. Plan your car based on your adventure requirement with this car rental guide for Mongolia.


Mongolia is a breathtaking place for anyone who loves off-road adventures. From vast steppes to monasteries, national parks, and lakes, the Mongolian countryside is heaven for adventure travelers.

If you are also planning to explore Mongolia (see also; Ultimate Mongolia Road Trip), you must have already planned your trip and popular destinations to visit. However, do you know that there is one mistake that can ruin your whole adventure? So, my question is, did you plan to rent reliable cars to take you on your dream tour?

If not, then this is the mistake that can ruin your whole trip. It is crucial to plan your vehicle in advance so that you do not encounter difficulties once you arrive in a foreign country. Knowing everything there is to know about Mongolian car rental services will help you overcome this problem.

For first time Mongolia visits fully organized private self drive tour packages with a rental car, a well curated route plan, accommodation bookings or camping gear and prearranged activities are by far the most suitable travel offer. Researching routes, getting lost and arranging everything on your own can be very time consuming and you often see much less than in a well organized private roud trip travel package.

These are the best road trip travel packages for Mongolia:

-SIXT Offroad:



Guided self drive tours with plenty of offroad fun:

-LIQUI MOLY Extreme:

4x4 vehicle under clear night sky

This blog will provide you with the detailed information you need to get a comfortable vehicle for your trip from reliable car rental service providers.

Top Mongolia Car Rental Services

As a foreigner, you need to make sure that you get your rental car insurance as you prepare to drive through Mongolia. In case you encounter an unfortunate event, be proactive with your car rental insurance plan. Visit here (Getting Around In Mongolia) for more details.

SIXT Mongolia - Car Rental Service

When it comes to renting the most comfortable vehicle, most travelers prefer SIXT car rental. SIXT Mongolia provides a comprehensive and reliable car rental service to travelers. It doesn't matter if you only want to travel on paved roads or want to go one step ahead to go off-road, SIXT Mongolia has your back with the vehicles according to your requirements.

Toyota Prado 4x4 driving Mongolia offroad

Additionally, SIXT Mongolia has offices spread across Mongolia. So, no matter where your vehicle broke down, you will receive a quick repair service on every corner of Mongolia. You can easily get booking, pick-up, and drop-off services in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, Sainshand, Erdenet, Umnugobi, and Khuvsgul.

SIXT Fleet of Vehicles

SIXT Mongolia has a variety of Vehicles from compact cars to SUVs and vans.

Standard vehicles: Hyundai Elantra (Automatic) and Nissan Teana (Automatic).

SUVs: Ford Ranger (Automatic/Manual), Nissan Patrol Y62 (Automatic), Nissan Navara (Manual), Suzuki Jimny (Automatic/Manual), Toyota Land Cruiser 76 (Manual), UAZ Patriot (Manual).

VAN/MVPs: Hyundai Starex Camper Van (Automatic) and Hyundai Starex H1 (Automatic).

Compact Vehicles: KIA Rio (Manual).

Benefits of Using SIXT Mongolia Car Rentals

SIXT Mongolia has every kind of vehicle in its fleet. Standard cars, SUVs, MVPs, and compact vehicles are available to rent at SIXT Mongolia. More benefits include:

  • SIXT Mongolia provides travelers best value for a hassle-free rental experience and the largest selection of luxury vehicles in Mongolia.
  • If your car broke down during your journey, SIXT Mongolia provides a replacement car so that your journey continues without any disturbance.
  • You can book your car through their website without any hidden costs or extra charges.
  • They provide one of the best customer services for their customers.

AVIS Mongolia Car Rentals

AVIS Mongolia car rental is a market leader in commercial and rental markets. If you are planning to go on an off-road adventure tour, AVIS Mongolia has a reliable vehicle for you. AVIS provides vehicles to both leisure and business travelers at a convenient location - Genghis Khan International Airport.

Ger camps in Mongolian Steppe

AVIS provides a prompt and effective rent-a-car service from the ground-floor arrivals area of the airport. If you are staying in Ulaanbaatar, pick up and drop off your rental car in the city centre rather than the airport.

AVIS Fleet of Vehicles

AVIS Mongolia offers a wide variety of adventure vehicles. You can book Toyota Land Cruiser 76/79, Toyota Prado, and UAZ Patriot from AVIS Mongolia car rental.

Benefits of Using AVIS Mongolia Car Rentals

  • AVIS Mongolia provides fully-equipped vehicles. Along with the comfort and convenience of the vehicle itself, you can also book/rent camping sets, necessary supplies, and rooftop tents.
  • AVIS provides Toyota Landcruiser, Prado, and UAZ Patriot vehicles that have been meticulously maintained to meet AVIS standards.
  • Tourists can also hire experienced drivers for their trips to Mongolian countryside destinations.

Escape To Mongolia Car Rental

Escape to Mongolia, in association with SIXT Mongolia, provides individualized vehicle bookings to travelers. A vacation to Mongolia is full of impressions, emotions, and unique encounters. Whether it's two weeks in the Gobi Desert (see also, Gobi desert) or a trip to Lake Khuvsgul, whether it's ballooning in the Terelj National park (see also, Terelj National Park)or adventures in Karakorum, Altai mountains, and Orkhon Valley, Escape to Mongolia has it all for you.

Toyota Prado offroad grassland

Along with providing reliable and efficient vehicles, Escape to Mongolia also provides camping sets for 4x4 jeeps, Escape to Mongolia organizes, and schedules everything.

Top 3 Vehicles For Your Trip to Mongolia

For a trip to Mongolia, you need a vehicle that is reliable, comfortable, and can withstand dirt tracks and the weather of Mongolia, see also (Selfdrive Guide for Mongolia). Luckily, we have tested the vehicles in different conditions and we did the research so that you don't. If you are planning an adventure tour, a 4x4 vehicle is what you need for that. We would recommend you rent either a Toyota Land cruiser 76/79, Toyota Prado, or UAZ Patriot vehicle.

Toyota Land Cruiser 76/79

Toyota Landcruisers 76/70 are well known for being among the greatest vehicles for off-road travel all over the world. They are strong and prepared to withstand any weather or climatic condition.

A Land Cruiser is the vehicle for you if you value adventures over comfort and a vehicle that can withstand everything. The only drawback of these cars is that they have diesel engines, which are susceptible to damage from ice and cold.

Toyota Prado

It's easy to forget why the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the vehicle of choice in far-off places like the beaten track in Mongolia Altai Mountains, wild camping, and Khan Khentii mountains when you're only driving through a minor muddy field in the countryside while the sky pours down buckets of rain.

Beyond its wide range of capabilities, the Land Cruiser's tough simplicity and ease of maintenance give drivers even more confidence that it can traverse challenging terrain.

The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is a very luxurious off-road vehicle with excellent power and muscles to beat any track in Mongolia.

UAZ Patriot

The UAZ Patriot is the name among the most widely known car for the greatest off-road trips. UAZ Patriot was used by the Red Army in Ulyanovsk during World War II. UAZ is somewhat of a patriot itself.

UAZ Patriot in Mongolian Gobi Desert

This off-road jeep caters to a devoted following of customers who use it both on and off-road as they explore the wildest reaches of the enormous Mongolian wilderness. The UAZ Patriot has your name all on it if you value comfort and power above all else.


How much does it cost to rent a car in Mongolia?

In Mongolia, a rental car typically costs $30-$90 per day. However, costs vary depending of different car rental service companies. You can also save money by comparing the pricing of automobile rental offers from several companies. Furthermore, if you rent a vehicle for weeks or months, the cost of car rental will decrease as per the company's offers.

What is the most popular rental car in Ulaanbaatar?

SIXT Mongolia, Escape to Mongolia, and AVIS Mongolia is among the most popular car rental operators in Mongolia. Along with the best prices, they also provide excellent service to their customers. These car rentals have top-maintained vehicles and acquire a number of different vehicles. This helps travelers choose a vehicle based on their requirements.

Which car rental agency in Ulaanbaatar has the cheapest rental car prices?

In Ulaanbaatar, SIXT, AVIS, and Escape to Mongolia normally offer the most affordable daily prices, which you may obtain at any of their locations. In Ulaanbaatar, the cost of a rental car is typical $50-$90 per day, but you can also get deals as low as $50 per day.

Is it safe to drive in Mongolia?

Mongolia is a vast country. If you plan to visit countryside areas, driving can be a bit difficult for you. As there are few paved roads and mostly dirt roads. Due to poor visibility, poor road conditions, bad fuel, poor vehicle maintenance, and fewer petrol fuel pumps, driving in Mongolia can be dangerous, especially at night.

When possible, avoid nighttime driving and always use seat belts. If at all possible, hire a driver who is knowledgeable about rural geography and driving conditions.

Can you self-drive in Mongolia?

Yes, self-driving in Mongolia is allowed. Mongolian self-drive tours give you the independence and flexibility to travel at your own pace and navigate tricky roads. In Mongolia, the vast majority of dirt roads are unmarked with no road signs and frequently divide into numerous smaller tracks. So, it is also advised to drive with caution or with a guide if possible.

Can you drive anywhere in Mongolia?

Since there aren't many paved roads available, you'll probably be driving off-road. But yes, you are allowed to drive anywhere in Mongolia, stay with nomads or pitch a tent elsewhere. There is only a restriction when you are close to a border or in an area designated for environmental protection. If you don't have a specific permit, you cannot move within the China border area.

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