Travel to Northern Mongolia

Arkhangai, Bulgan, Orkhon, Selenge, Darkhan Uul, Khuvsgul


Explore The Northern Mongolia Provinces

From the heights of the majestic mountains of Burenkhaan, Khoridol Saridag, Erchim and Soyon to the deep canyons carved by the Chuluut River, and Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, it is impossible to catalog all the locations in Northern Mongolia where you’ll meet natural wonders and describe her magnificence.

About Northern Mongolia

Northern Mongolia provides a wonderful opportunity to explore country’s fertile land, showcasing lush forests, rugged mountains, hidden valleys, vast rolling hills that blend with nomadic culture and indigenous people. The region is the easiest place to travel outside of the capital Ulaanbaatar, with most of the places reached by paved road along with the railway lines. The geographic characters are vastly distinctive with southern rim of Siberia’s taiga with coniferous forests mainly Siberian larch, pine and birch trees.

It is well-known for beautiful snow capped mountains, rich wildlife, crystal clear lakes, and many big rivers, which is a paradise for fishing anglers. The highlight of the region is one of the world’s 17 ancient lakes - Khuvsgul lake which is known for “Mother Sea” by local people, contain 70% of Mongolia’s surface water. Khuvsgul lake is home for Tsaatan - reindeer people and Darkhad ethnic tribes who live portable round tents that are called Urts made mostly from tree bark.