Selenge Province


Travelling to Selenge

Adventurous Activities, Rivers, Rugged, Wildlife, Gateway To Russia

One of the most northerly province of Mongolia, Selenge is well-known for its numerous adventurous activities, including fishing, canoeing, and kayaking; as well as hiking and horse riding. Often referred to as “River Province”, its spectacular, rugged scenery and plentiful wildlife, particularly around the Orkhon Selenge rivers, is also popular for scenic drives and activities such as bird watching.

Selenge province is the main hub to connect Mongolia to Russia via Altanbulag port city via Trans-Siberian railway. Hundreds of travelers go to their neighboring countries for daily basis for trading and traveling. The most famous cultural tourist attraction in the region is Amarbayasgalant monastery. This majestic monastery is regarded as the loveliest in the country because of the natural settings, architecture and remoteness. Amarbayasgalant – which translates as “Tranquil Felicity” was built in 1730s using imported craftsmen, the monastery is certainly different than any other in Mongolia.

The main temple was built without using single nails. There is breathtaking panoramic view from the hilltop just north of the monastery. During political purge of the 1930s, many temples of the monastery were destroyed by the communist. Luckily, the main temple was not destroyed and finally reopened in 1993 as fully functioned monastery.

Ethnic groups in the province include Khalkh, Buryad, Dorvod, Oold and Russians, which are well-known for cultivation for grains, fruits and vegetables in the fertile soil of the province. Saikhanii Hutul is the most spectacular place in the Selenge province, where you can observe Orkhon and Selenge river basin from the top of the high mountain.

Orkhon and Selenge rivers flow into Lake Baikal (Russia) which are considered as the biggest rivers of Mongolia. Viewing from the Saikhanii Hutul might be brighter and more colorful in the summer for the life time experience. Border guards decorated Saihanii Hutul with stairs, tables and chairs to rest, little bridges and stone monuments, which make more convenient to visit.

Best places to visit in Selenge Province

  • Choir town
  • Choiriin Bogd Mountain
  • Ruins of Janjin Choir Monastery
  • Tsoorhoi spring