Tuv Province

Best region to explore for short trips


Travelling to Tuv Province

Mountains, Rivers, Temples And National Park

It is a great place to start your adventure, or to explore some of the key attractions nearby to the capital city. The regional landscape is described by the elements of Khentii Mountain ranges, and rolling hills in the southern part. Mainly, Siberian cedar, larch, birch and pine trees are commonly found in the mountainous areas along with deer, elk, Argali wild sheep, ibex, marmots, wolves and foxes.

It is a home of many national parks including Bogd Khaan, Khan Khentii and Gorkhi Terelj Nationals parks which is connected by the best road networks. If you are here in Mongolia for a short period of time, this region is the place to explore. There are many tourist attractions are found as the Khustai National Park, Manshushir monastery, Tonyukuk’s graveyards, Equestrian statue of Chinggis Khaan, 13th century park, Turtle Rock in Gorkhi Terelj National Park, Aglag buteel temple, Gun Galuut Natural Reserve, Khagiin Khar lake, Princess temple, the poems of prince Tsogt carved in rock in Duu, and Bogd Khaan mountain. The Buuruljuut and Janchivlan springs and spa resorts operate all around year for exceptional treatment for the healthy lifestyle. Adventurous driving and hiking to the beautifully located Khagiiin Khar lake, located 50km from Gorkhi Terekj national park is highly recommended.

For those who enjoy quiet settings, scenic drives, and landscape watching, you will be delighted to see unspoiled views, hills and countryside only 20-30km drive outside from Ulaanbaatar. There are lots of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts as hiking in the Bogd Khaan mountain, horseback riding from Terelj to western edge of Khentii mountain range, excellent golf courses, biking trails, dog sledging and winter skiing. If you enjoy the old historic sites and ruins of monasteries, museums, there are many places for you to visit as you travel through the Tuv province.

Best places to visit in Tuv Province

  • Khustai National Park
  • Statue of Chinggis Khaan (Tsonjin Bold)
  • 13th Century Park
  • Manshushir monastery
  • Terelj NP, Turtle Rock
  • Aryabal monastery
  • Princess temple
  • Gun Galuut Natural Reserve
  • Khagiin khar lake