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Aero Mongolia LLC is Mongolia's Leading private airline that offers premium service for economic rates. With its vast experience of over 16 years in the aviation sector, we can take you to most of the airports in the country with our regular flights.

Beyond the domestic routes, Aero Mongolia flies to China and Russia, connecting Europe and Asia with great comfort at low cost.
Book your flight with Aero Mongolia and have a joyful journey to the secrets of the Land of Eternal Blue sky!

Reasons to fly with Aero Mongolia

Our Experience Is At Your Service
Mongolia's first and biggest private airline with modern service trend

Premium Service With Low Cost
Aero Mongolia gives high significance to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on all offered services. Once you board the plane, you will experience superior quality and comfort throughout all your flight.

Safety First
With its outstanding experience and high standards beyond its competitors, you will be at the safest hand.

Flight routes

Our Destinations

Mon‚ Wed‚ Friday

One of the largest city in Siberia located 40km from the shore of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world and one of the best tourist destination for sight seeing around the famous Lake Baikal.

Mon‚ Wed‚ Friday

The capital city of Inner Mongolia‚ China, known as business center and best tourist place to go because of it's arts and buildings that represents Mongolian Empire history.

Seasonal flight

National parks‚ strictly protected areas‚ nature reserves and national monuments. Govi-Altai presents it's 9 nature wonders.

Tue‚ Thu‚ Sat‚ Sun

Ulgii is home to unique cultures‚ stunning scenery‚ and diverse wildlife. Eagle hunting‚ traditional Kazakh culture‚ and highest snow-capped mountains and largest glaciers in Mongolia.

Tue‚ Thu‚ Sat‚ Sun

Multi ethnic Khovd province is the home of friendly and hospitality nomads‚ snow topped - high Altai mountains and rare wild animals.

Tue‚ Thu‚ Sat‚ Sun

The land of great lakes and high mountain ranges‚ home multi ethnic‚ true Mongolian nomadic culture diversity‚ hospitality and friendly western Mongolian province.

Daily flight June 1st - Aug 31

Crystal clear Khuvsgul lake‚ Reindeer herders‚ Shamanism and Taiga wilderness all in one place.

Daily flight June 1st - Aug 31

Mongolian Gobi contains the last remaining wild Bactrian (two-humped) camels‚ Asiatic wild‚ and a small population of Gobi bears‚ the only desert-inhabiting bear.

Seasonal flight

One of undiscovered province in Mongolia. There is plenty of beautiful places‚ lakes‚ historical sites are located far western Zavkhan province.

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Flight Route Map

Aero Mongolia flight route map

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