Travel to Southern Mongolia

Umnugobi, Dornogobi, Bayankhongor


Explore The Southern Mongolia Provinces

Stretching from beautiful Gobi Gurvan Saikhan mountains into rugged, semi desert plains, Southern Mongolia has plenty of magics to offer with striking red rock formations of the landscape, beautiful two humped Bacterian camels in the singing sand dunes and 80 million years old dinosaur fossils.

About Southern Mongolia

Southern Mongolia is worth a few days for driving on the wide-open space with no visual distraction, hiking in the back country, visiting camel breeders’ family, exploring the home of dinosaurs, and camel caravans. The region is genuinely described as the “Gobi” in Mongolian, a land of rugged treeless and even snow peaked mountains, heavily eroded hills, a lush mixture of green valleys, shrubland, and semi deserts.

The captivating natural history of the Gobi approves that the region was a vast sedimentary basin covered in savannah when dinosaur ruled this place. This is a perfect place to enjoy incredibly diverse mixture of animals and plant life, which is a home to argali sheep, ibex, Eurasian lynx, grey wolves, wild ass, wild camel and more endangered black tail gazelles.