By Max Muench

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Off-Road Trip to Mongolia

Go for a total immersion trip through Mongolia for a self- drive experience, travel to the most incredible landscapes of Mongolia, meet lopsals who will always be ready to help you and show you their lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the Mongolian culture without any doubt. Throughout your tour you will be equipped with a 4x4 wherever you go and the FIT app which will help you to cross the country from Ulaanbaatar, through the Gobi desert, the steppes and many others….

Thanks to his numerous trips to Mongolia, Max has created three tours that will take you around this incredible country.

Camel Route
13 Days
1800 Kilometers

Eagle Route
13 Days
2400 Kilometers

Horse Route
22 Days
5000 Kilometers

Gobi Bear Route
7 Days
1500 Kilometers

Fox Route
7 Days
950 Kilometers