Gobi Bear Route

White Stuppa - Khongoryn Els - Flaming Cliffs

Duration: 7 Days
Distance: 1500 Kilometers

The Best Way To Explore Gobi Desert

The Gobi Bear Route will bring you to Gobi Desert and Central Mongolia. Experience the fastest growing desert in the world, photograph the two humped Bacterian camelas and drive through the magical steppes to visit Mongolia's highest waterfalls and the famous Monastery in Kharkhorin to get plenty cultural insights.

With The Best Gears / Features

Up to 4 people travel in a 4x4 UAZ Patriot or Toyota Landcruiser

SIXT airport shuttle (arrival & departure), shopping guide and internet SIM card included

Pre-arranged hotels, ger, camps and meetings with nomads and the famous Camel Herders

Comfortable iKamper roof top tent and extended Petromax cooking gear

Day 1 Ulaanbaatar

After landing you'll be picked up by one of our Followthetracks/ SIXT staff members - simply look out for the sign in the arrival hall. You'll be brought to a 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar and handed out a local SIM card with call and internet package. Explore the vibrant City of Ulaanbaatar before the road adventure starts.

Day 2 White Stupa

Get in the car for your second day and head south to the incredible Tsagaan Suvarga or better known as White Stupa. Shaped strangely as a result of thousands of years of wind and water erosion this white limestone rock formation stands at around thirty metres. You will adapt to Mongolia in the blink of an eye, discover its wilderness. Get ready for what's to come because the Gobi Bear Route is full of surprises.

Day 3 Yoln Am Canyon

After exploring White Stupa go back off the beaten path to Yolyn Am Canyon. And what better than our Follow The Tracks app to guide you throughout your trip so that you don't miss anything of Mongolia! Notable for a deep ice field the Canyon has been created over the course of million years of water erosion. At nightfall, sit around a campfire, and let your soul wander off under a crystal clear sky. Have a good rest but don't miss the

Day 4 Khongoryn Els

Head further west to the great sand dunes of Khongoryn Els! Get ready to explore a desert that is expanding every day! Accompanied by Zorigoo a camel herder, cross the desert on camelback and photograph them. Climb the biggest dunes up to 300m high and little surprise you can even go sledding down them. Enjoy the sunset and the blue hour to end the day on top of a dune before sleeping in your iKamper rooftop tent or in one of Zorigoo's guest gers.

Day 5 Flaming Cliffs

It's time to head to the heart of the Gobi Desert and more precisely towards the Flaming Cliffs! A stunning cliff structure that looks like it's on fire when the sun goes down. The Flaming Cliffs were once an ancient sea bed, existed 60-70 millions years ago. Also home to the fossils of ancient creatures and preserved for the benefit of humanity's global scientific heritage as well as the posterity of the Mongolian people.

Day 6 Manzushir Monastery

Are you ready for the last stage of the Gobi Bear Route? Founded in 1733 the Manzushir Monastery is located in the strictly protected area of the Bogd Khan mountain. The best way to enjoy Mongolia on last time and end a trip in peace! Enjoy your last night under the Mongolian stars by the campfire before leaving this incredible country

Day 7 & 8 Ulaanbaatar & Departure

Even the most amazing trip will eventually come to an end, so visit Ulaanbaatar again - or ask us to extend your trip: we have plenty of more things for your to do and places to visit! A SIXT/ Follow The Tracks staff member will pick you up at your hotel on the day of departure and will bring you safely to the airport.

Travel Details

Traveling alone can be fun but sharing all these experiences with friends or family makes it even better! The more people come with you (max. 4 persons per car), the more money each of you saves!

  • 4 Pax - 1,999 EUR p.p. (7,996 EUR)
  • 3 Pax - 2,150 EUR p.p. (6,450 EUR)
  • 2 Pax - 2,250 EUR p.p. (4,500 EUR)
  • 1 Pax - 3,000 EUR p.p
  • Participants: up to 4
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Distance: 1500 kilometers
  • Accommodation during the trip:
Stay 4 nights in hotel

4 nights

Stay 2 nights in traditional Mongolian Ger

2 nights

4 nights wild camping under the stars

4 nights

Things Not Included

Your Mongolia Self-Drive Tour is a package tour where we are organising everything for you in advance and where you will be taken care of from the moment you land in Mongolia. However, there are only a few things which you will organise yourself in advance and while you are on the road. if you have any questions, please check out our FAQ or send us a message.

Flights to and from Mongolia (Turkish Airlines offers direct flights from Europe)

Travel insurance and personal VISA costs

Fuel for the 4x4 car rental (ca. 0.97USD/l)

Food (except for hotel breakfast) and personal sleeping bag

Gobi Bear Route

April 2022
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June 2022
price from €3,000 EUR per person for 4 person booking

If none of the above dates does not align with your travel plans, please send us a request.