Travel to Western Mongolia

Gobi Altai, Khovd, Bayan-Ulgii, Zavkhan, Uvs


Explore The Western Mongolia Provinces

Western Mongolia is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. From the glaciers of Potanin, Tsengel Khairkhan mountain, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park to beautifully flowered green meadows and long trails of horseback riding to mountain streams and rivers, western Mongolia is something very special.

About Western Mongolia

Because of the geographic isolation and immense biodiversity, the Western Mongolia is considered one of the world’s most important and last sanctuaries for many plants and animals. Beyond its beautiful natural settings, the Altai is rich in archaeological sites which dates back to the Stone ages.

The Gurvan Tsenkher Caves in Khovd province shows evidence of human settlings in 40 000 years ago. Uvs province is another natural wonder of the region which main features are its lake, which come in all shapes, sizes and levels of salinity. This destination boasts excellent hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, horseback riding, 4wheel driving and biking adventures for nature lovers, travelers and those looking for an escape from the modern world.