Khovd Province


Travelling to Khovd

Diverse Culture & Ethnic Groups, Waterfall, Canyon, Caves

Resting on the high plains along Munkh Khairkhan and Turgen mountains, the Khovd province creates ideal gateway for your genuine Mongolia experience. Khovd province is situated in the far west of Mongolia, borders with China in the south. This is the place where a person can slow down and enjoy the grandeur of nature blended with cultural experiences.

Khovd city is main entering spot to the region, capital of the province located 1425km from Ulaanbaatar. The historic and wonderful city is located in the valley of Buyant river flowing from Altai to the west. Khovd is large settlement of 40 000, was established as Qing military post and trading center in 1731. At the town’s northern east are the mud wall of fortification, the Sangiin Kherem built by the Manchus in 1762.

Khovd has many colorful attractions to offer as Amarsanaa and Galdan Boshigt Statues at the main square, local museum, large market, and Ahmet Ali Mejit mosque for Kazakh communities. Khovd is the most ethnically diverse and distinct region of Mongolia. Although its Kazakh minority is the best known, there are many other Mongolian speaking tribal groups; Dorvod, Uriankhai, Zakhchin, Mayangad, Torguud, Oold, Khoton and Tuva.

The place is rich in historical and cultural sites; as Khartgai, Tsagaan burgas, Turgen, Khukh Serkh waterfall, Uyench, Bodonch canyon, Sacred tree and Khoid Tsenkher caves. The must-see attraction is Khoid Tsenkher caves, located in Mankhan soum at the foot of Chandmani mountain. The caves were explored in 1967 by a Soviet Mongolian archeological expedition which present wall art of the Stone Age period. The rock paintings are dated back to Paleolithic period showing the images of bulls, ibex, mouflons, gazelles, camels, elephants, ostriches, or snakes, trees and painted in red. These rock paintings are protected by the government since 1971 and on the tentative list of Mongolia of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1996.

The region is rich in the biggest trophy wild sheep - Altai Argali, Siberian Ibex, Snow Leopard. Outdoor activities such as mountaineering, trekking, fishing and hunting are popular sports.

Best places to visit in Khovd Province

  • Khoid Tsenkher caves
  • Khar us lake
  • Munkh khairkhan mountain
  • Deer stones in Bayanzurkh
  • Yamaan us petroglyphs
  • Tsambagarav National Park
  • Bulgan river Natural Reserve
  • Khukh Serkh Strictly Protected Area