Uvs Province


Travelling to Uvs

Salt Lakes, Rivers, Sand Dunes, High Mountains, 200 Species Of Birds

Uvs province embraces all that is authentic, unique and simple and Uvs people take pride in enjoying the Uvs lake, high mountains of Kharkhiraa Turgen, Great lake depressions and vibrant ethnic cultures. Uvs province is located in the Great Lakes basins in the northern region of Mongolia, borders with Russia in the north.

One of the least visited place, Uvs offers great opportunities to explore high mountains of Khan Khukhii, Togtokh shil, sand dunes of the Buurug del, and beautiful lake of Uvs and Khyargas. The Uvs lake is the biggest lake of Mongolia and landmark of the region, covering 3423sq km, lies in the northern part of the Great Lakes basin.

Uvs lake is continual with no streams flowing outwards. Its salt content is five times higher than the ocean. There are many rivers that join Uvs lake including Tes, Nariin, Kharkhiraa, Turgen, Sagil, Borshoo, Khundlon and Torkhilog. Ornithologists have researched over 200 species of birds around Uvs Nuur, including cranes, spoonbills, geese and eagles, as well as gulls.

Ulaangom, the provincial capital with population of 30,000, a pleasant tree lined town. It is a great place to recharge yourself while you explore the western part of the country, or to plan a trip. There are convenient shops, reasonable hotels, tourist camps and a fantastic market. The bronze statue in front of the governor administration center is Y.Tsedenbal who ruled Mongolia for about 40 years, who was born in Ulaangom.

Uvs province was originally named as Dorvod after the main ethnic group that inhabited the area. The Dorvod people, who still represent just under half of the population of Uvs, speak their own dialect. Other minority ethnic groups include the Bavad, Khoton and Khalkh. This is the great place to organize or start your trip around western Mongolia. Scenic drive through the Great Lake Basin is the best things to do while you enjoy the natural scenery and birdlife.

Best places to visit in Uvs Province

  • Uvs lake
  • Khyargas lake & Khezuu Khad
  • Altan els sand dunes
  • Khan Khukhii mountain
  • Chandmani mountain monuments
  • Goojuur waterfall
  • Deglii Tsagaan mountain
  • Ulaangom town & local museum
  • Petroglyphs in Zuraa