Goojuur Waterfall in Uvs


Goojuur Waterfall is located in Khovd soum of Uvs province, Olon Nuur Mountains to the southwest of Kharkhiraa and Turgen Mountains. It is a 17m tall waterfall formed by Goojuur River, a source of Shiver River and locals call it Khuren Khanan Waterfall. Olon Nuur Mountains is a snowcapped mountain with a height of over 3000m. The mountain is a home to snow leopard, argali sheep, ibex and red deer. There are about 20 animals species live and over 30 species of plant grow here. With 108 small or bigger lakes around the area the mountain was named Olon Nuur or Many Lakes accordingly. Unfortunately, Goojuur Waterfall’s flow has been reclining for the last few years.

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