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Khongor Sand Dunes

Sand dunes that makes up 3 percent of Omnogovi province


Khongor Sand Dunes stretches 185km in the gobi desert. Located in Sevrei and Bayandalai soum of Omnogovi province, Khongor Sand Dunes cover 925 square km. These sand dunes have beautiful oasis formed by Khongor River, Seruun Bulag and Arganga Bulag brooks. Besides its gorgeous view, you can hear a sound that sand makes in the dunes, which gave a name “Singing Sands” to Khongor Sand Dunes.

In southern part of the dunes there’s a mountain called Sevrei and it has several rock paintings including a painting that depicts 4 hunters on horseback chasing 5 Siberian ibex. Judging by their bows, scientists suggests the painting dates back to the bronze age. From the top of the mountain you can see the Khongor Sand Dunes as a whole like it’s on your palm.

To the north of the sand dunes there are tourist camps that provides a horse or camel riding service. Riding through the Egyptian-like sand dunes with ever-changing attractive curves on a camelback is a life-time experience.

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