Ulaangom Town & Local Museum Capital of Uvs


Ulaangom town is the capital of Uvs province and it is located near the Kharkhiraa Mountain, 1456km away from Ulaanbaatar City. The town is situated on one of the lowest points in Mongolia with just 939m above sea level and the population is about 35,000 people. The historic mountain situated right next to Ulaangom town, Chandmani Mountain used to be called Chandmani Ulaan or Chandmani Red previously and in the Oirat dialect “gom” refers to mountainside, hence the name Ulaangom. Inside the town you can find the Uvs province museum. This museum was established in 1948 with just one employee and over 300 mostly religious items. Nowadays, the Uvs province museum exhibits 5689 objects and has a separate section dedicated to Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal, the leader of the Mongolian People’s Republic from 1940 to 1984.

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