Ikh Burkhant Complex in Dornod


Ikh Burkhant monument is located in Khalkhgol soum of Dornod province, 35km to the north of Sumber town. It is a reclining Buddha depiction built by over 100 sculptors and the idea was proposed by To Wang or Khetsuu Wang Togtokhtur who was a Mongolian nobleman and politician. This 30m long deity is confined inside two frames. The outer frame is 220m long and 87m wide and inside this frame there are 20 letters of ancient Indian alphabet inscribed on the ground. And inside the inner frame there are 12 stone stupas and 21 Tara (Dari Ekh). How the Tara sculptures are made is a mystery as they look like built by melting a stone and molding it but it is a near impossible method for the 19th century Mongolians.

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