Khan Khukhii Mountain in Uvs


Khan Khukhii Mountain is a mountain range located in Zuunkhangai soum, Uvurkhangai soum, Tsagaankhairkhan soum of Uvs province and it is a continuation of the northwestern part of Khangai Mountains. Known for its rich fauna and flora, Khan Khukhii Mountain is an officially worshipped mountain because it is believed to prevent droughts when worshipped according to the lore. Some evidences suggest Khan Khukhii sacred mountain was worshipped by Turkic people in the 6th – 8th centuries too. The state took the mountain under its protection in 2000 making all 2205 square km area of Khan Khii Mountain a national park. And in 2007, a former president Enkhbayar signed an ordinance to worship Khan Khukhii Mountain every four years. It is also a protective wall against desertification in Mongolia. The highest point of the mountain range is Duulga Mountain’s peak at 2928m.

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