Choiriin Bogd Mountain in Govisumber


Choiriin Bogd Mountain is a state protected nature reserve and considered as a historical site. This rocky mountain is 1682m tall and located 34km to the east of Choir Town. “Choir” is a name for the philosophical study of Buddhism and esteemed monks from across the country used to come to the monastery on this mountain and test their erudition against each other, hence the name Choiriin Bogd Mountain. The attractions include Dagvasundel deity statue, Zuun Janjin Choiriin Khiid monastery ruin, Tsagaan Dari Ekh deity statue, Khusliin Khad rock, Khuukhdiin Ovoo cairn, rock painting of a sword, and Dugar Meeren statue etc.

The area has become a nature reserve because of its rich flora and fauna. Choiriin Bogd Mountain hosts over 200 argali sheep and ibex, wolves, foxes, hares, saber falcons and golden eagle were spotted on or near the mountain. Also you can find rare medicinal herbs growing all around the mountain.

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