Uvs Lake in Uvs Province


Uvs Lake is a saltwater lake located in Uvs province, 27km to the northeast of Ulaangom town. The surface of the lake covers over 3400 square km, making it the largest lake in Mongolia and the water is said to be saltier than the ocean. Uvs Lake has an average depth of 10-20m and the lake is 84km long and 79km wide. It is considered to be the most northern point of the Gobi Desert and this huge lake combined with a dry desert makes up interesting scenery. Uvs Lake, Turgen Mountains, Tsagaan Shuvuut Mountain, Torkhilog and Tes River and Altan Els sand dunes are all part of the Uvs Lake Basin strictly protected area established by the Mongolian parliament in 1993. The area around the lake is ideal for bird watching. About 245 bird species are documented being seen around the area such as great egret, Pallas’s gull, goose, Baer’s pochard, spoonbills, crane, white-tailed eagle and white-headed duck.

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