Zanabazar Museum in Ulaanbaatar


Located in the center of the city, Zanabazar’s Fine Arts Museum offers vast number of interesting exhibits which give their visitors an insight into the local culture and art. It has 12 halls, which houses a collection of art from ancient times to the early 20th century. The collection constantly enriches.

This museum is famous for the works by Zanabazar - several statues of Buddha and other gods exhibited here. Zanabazar is the first Mongolian Bogd-Gegen, sovereign of the land north from the Gobi Desert, when Mongolia was under Chinese rule; outstanding sculptor, founder of the Mongol portraiture, the inventor of the Mongolian script.

You can learn about Zanabazar and his works from a glass folder upstairs. There are some examples of his work under the names Five Dhyani, or Contemplation, Buddhas (cast in 1683) and Tara in her 21 manifestations.

There is an English language audio guide available for visitors and souvenir shop.

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