Deglii Tsagaan Mountain in Uvs


Deglii Tsagaan Mountain or the Great Egret Mountain is 4096m tall and it is the highest mountain of Turgen Mountains. Turgen Mountains stretches 70km from Sagil soum to Bukhmurun soum and covers 145,100 hectares of land. Deglii Tsagaan Mountain is snowcapped and covered with lush forests, riffles, creeks, lakes and a glacier. However, according to an observation, the glacier seems to be melting due to global warming in recent years. Turgen River, Buural River, Kharkhiraa River and Yamaat River all take source from this mountain. Tugs Buyant Monastery ruin, Turkic era Kurgan stelae and even older burial mounds as well as prehistoric cave paintings can be found around Deglii Tsagaan Mountain. The mountain is extremely hard to climb as there have been unfortunate incidents prior to the last climbing done by Jungo Tabei, a famous Japanese climber in 1975.

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