Manzushir Monastery in Tuv Province


Located in Sergelen soum, Tuv province, Manzushir Monastery is only 43km away from Ulaanbaatar city. The first temple of the monastery was built in 1733 on the foothill of Bogd Khan Mountain. The first temple was followed by constructions of Tsanid Temple in 1736, Badmayoga in 1760, “Shar Khuree” the Bogd Khan’s chamber, Jud Temple in 1780 and Mamba Temple in 1867. By the 20th century, about 500 monks occupied the monastery and it had 21 temples when it was destroyed in 1937 during the communist purge. Fortunately, over 200 years of history did not vanish with the 53 monks who were executed but remained within the ruins of the monastery. In 1998, the ruins of Manzushir Monastery were declared for state protection. And after 1998, one of the main buildings called “Seruun Lavrin” was reinstated and now operates as a museum. Right next to the museum, there is a huge pot with a capacity of 1800L made in 1726 which can cook for 1000 people. Legend says the monks used to cook two whole cows or 10 sheep at once in the pot.

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