Bulgan Mountain in Arkhangai Province


Located in Tsetserleg, Arkhangai, Bulgan Mountain is a state protected area. It became state protected in 1965 and became a nature reserve in 1995. The mountain itself is a granite massif that consists of smaller mountains. There are a couple of springs around the mountain called Jamgan Spring and Lonely Tree Spring and the nature surrounding the mountain is picturesque.

A lot of different types of berries and medical herbs such as strawberry, blackcurrant, roseroot, thyme, valerian, cumin and others can be found in the area. Unfortunately, most of the fauna is fled because people settled near Bulgan Mountain and it is busy around the area.

You can observe a painting of Bogd Tsongkhapa done by Zayiin Gegeen Monastery’s monks on the granite walls of the mountain.

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