Tujiin Nars Nature Reserve in Selenge


Tujiin Nars or Tuj Pine Forest is located in Shaamar soum and Altanbulag soum of Selenge province. For years, the forest had been neglected by fires caused by humans and illegal lumberjacks and because of that it has become a state protected nature reserve in 2002. Since then Tuj Pine Forest has been rejuvenating slowly but surely. Due to the revitalizing actions that covered over 7500 hectare of land, 40-50% of the forest regrew by themselves. Tujiin Nars is the south-east end of the Great Siberian taiga and the continuation of Khentii Mountain Range. There is a road leads up to Altanbulag border port that cuts through Tujiin Nars right in the middle of the forest. So if you are traveling to Russia from Mongolia or vice-versa, you can take a scenic drive through a pine forest.

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