Darkhan Uul Province


Travelling to Darkhan Uul

Third Largest City Darkhan, Stopover To Experience Surrounding Areas

If you are heading to the northern Mongolia, this is the best spot over place to experience the local surroundings. Darkhan-Uul province is located in the spectacular Orkhon, Selenge river basins, surrounded by Khangai and Khentii mountain range.

Darkhan was established in the 1960s as a northern industrial center of the country. It was a pilot project for urban cooperative of factories such as steel and cement plants, power station, and mining, constructions and civil workers.

Today, Darkhan is the third biggest city in Mongolia which lies on the way to the Russian border with 180 000 residents. Darkhan has rich natural resources and mineral deposits and an abundance of vegetation and wildlife such as sable, deer, elk, beaver, and the sturgeon, which are all registered in the Red Book of Mongolia.

The Darkhan is a comparatively well-studied, and known to have rich deposits of coal, copper, and iron ore despite the fact that exploration work has not finished. Small but beautiful Darkhan city is the capital of the province, is divided into “old Darkhan” near the train station and “new Darkhan” to the south with most hotels, and restaurants.

Natural conditions, fertile soil and favorable climate make Darkhan Uul province to be a major agricultural producer of the country. Kharaa river basin is the most suitable place for grains, barleys, and potatoes cultivation. Scenic driving through the cultivated fields, Tujiin Nars pine tree forest to the Russian border and fishing in the Orkhon Selenge river basins are the main tourist activities in the region.

Best places to visit in Darkhan Uul Province

  • Sacred Darkhan mountain
  • Buural mountain burial mound
  • Lam Dondov spring
  • Darkhan city