Darkhan Khairkhan Mountain in Darkhan-Uul Province


Darkhan Khairkhan is a sacred mountain located between Khongor and Shariin Gol soum of Darkhan-Uul province. Darkhan Khairkhan is 1239m tall and consists of two mountains called Ikh Darkhan and Baga Darkhan. The mountain has been worshipped for over 300 years since the locals and monks of a monastery built in 1704 called “Mergen Dayanch Khiid” started worshipping in the 18th century. This mountain is a part of Khentii Mountain Range and Darkhan Khairkhan covers 1560 hectares of land. The reverence for the mountain was briefly forgotten but the administration of Darkhan-Uul province restored the worship ceremony in 2008. Nowadays, the province administration annually organizes a religious ceremony and a micro Naadam that involves wrestling competition and horse racing.

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