Darkhan City in Darkhan-Uul


Darkhan City is the capital of Darkhan-Uul province and the second biggest city in Mongolia after Ulaanbaatar. The city has a population of over 110,000 people and an area of 103 square km. Darkhan City was founded on October 17th, 1961 in Burkhant Valley and the city was built with the help of Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Germany. Also, the steel mill of Darkhan City later built with the help of the government of Japan which is the main industry of the city. And in 1994, the Mongolian parliament ruled to change the Darkhan City’s status to province and the Darkhan-Uul province was born with the city itself becoming the capital. Attractions include Morin Khuur complex, Buddha statue, Xiongnu burial mounds on Tumurtei Mountain, the statue of railroaders, Mongolian traditional boot statue, “Minii Mongol” park and the cable-stayed bridge.

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