Suvarga Khairkhan Mountain in Arkhangai Province


Suvarga Khairkhan Mountain is located in Tsenkher soum, Arkhangai province. This 3179m tall mountain has become officially a sacred mountain in 2007, hence the name Khairkhan which means a sacred mountain in native language.

Suvarga Khairkhan stands tall parallel to Otgontenger Khairkhan which is another famous sacred mountain located in Zavkhan province. The foot of the mountain is covered in beautiful green lush forest and crystal clear lake. Suvarga Khairkhan is also the source of Orkhon, Tamir and Tsenkher rivers.

The mountain was worshipped by locals since the 13th century and you can actually explore a cairn built by 10,000 soldiers of Chinggis Khan located next to the mountain. Folks believe that if you climb to the top of the mountain and pay respect you will get protected by the spirits. And because of that, each day, 40-60 people will go up Suvarga Khairkhan during the summer time, specifically from July 15th to August 25th.

There are a lot of mountains that are taller than Suvarga Khairkhan in Khangai mountain range, but they are not as sacred as Suvarga Khairkhan.

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