Arkhangai Province

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Travelling to Arkhangai

High Mountains, Steppe, Wide-Open Plains, Lakes And Volcano

Khorgo volcano, Terkhiin tsagaan lake are, without a doubt one of the most mesmerizing sights in Mongolia. But there are much more inspiring sites to see in this astounding province. Arkhangai province is situated in the central part of Khangai mountain range which comprises high mountains, steppe and wide-open plains.

Arkhangai means “Northern Khangai” and located on the northern slope of the spectacular Khangai Nuruu mountain, second largest mountains protected by Khangai Nuruu National Parks. Tsetserleg a provincial capital of Arkhangai, is regarded as the most attractive town of Mongolia, surrounded by beautiful Bulgan uul, which is rich in larch and white birch forests, roe and musk deer, wild boar, rare bird life.

Mysterious Taikhar Chuluu granite rock that rises 25m from the flat ground is regular spot for traveler heading north. Exploded only 5000 years ago, Khorgo Volcano looks amazingly refresh with an absolutely perfect view from the top. The magnificent Terkhiin Tsagaan lake formed over the past 20000 years when a major volcanic eruption blocked the eastern end of the valley. The range is well watered by beautiful crystal rivers such as Khanui, Orkhon, Chuluut, North and South Tamir which bring lovely green forests and lush meadows to the province.

With impressive ruins of monuments from Paleolithic period, the ruins of ancient capital city of Uighar Empire in Khotont soum, the site is unique concentration of features testifying to an exceptional civilization. Khalkh and Uuld ethnic groups mainly reside in the Arkhangai province with welcoming nomadic hospitality of offering dairy products, and notorious fermented mare’s milk to their dear guests. Arkhangai is a camper’s paradise for setting up camps near rambling rivers, springs, mountain valleys and forests even in the national parks. No matter where you visit, the wonders of Arkhangai province will find you and charm you.

Best places to visit in Arkhangai Province

  • Chuluut river
  • Khorgo volcano
  • Terkhiin Tsagaan lake
  • Suvarga Khairkhan mountain
  • Tamir river
  • Zayiin Gegeen monastery
  • Bulgan mountain
  • Taikhar rock
  • Bilge Khaan Turkish monuments
  • Ugii lake