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Bilge Khan Turkic Monument


Bilge Khan’s Monument, already known as Khushuu Tsaidam memorial complex or Kul Tigin scriptures, is located in Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province. Archeologists studied the monument for over 100 years and concluded that the site was dedicated to Bilge Khan. This memorial was built by Kul Tigin’s grandson Iolug Tigin.

Bilge Khan was the son of Ilterish Khagan and he was the last ruler of Turkic empire. His reign lasted 19 years. His younger brother, Kul Tigin, was a skillful general who supported his brother wholeheartedly and fought for him when Inel Khagan tried to take over the throne. Kul Tigin died in 731 at the age of 46 and Bilge Khan erected a stele in memory of his younger brother. The stele has both Turkic and Chinese inscriptions on it. This stele can be found about one km to the north of Bilge Khan’s Monument.

During a hundred years of archeological excavation, over 2000 antique found from the complex. The monuments at the complex depict realistic look, outfit, tools and accessories of people of that period.

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