Orkhon Valley

Cultural landscape

The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape lies in the central part of Mongolia, 360km southwest of Ulaanbaatar. The valley is rich with archaeological remains, historic monuments, and cultural findings. You can explore sites with historical significance like Orkhon inscriptions, Ruins of Khar Balgas, Karakorum, Erdene Zuu Monastery, Tuvkhun Monastery and so on.

Home for centuries to major political, trade, cultural and religious activities of successive nomadic empires, the Orkhon Valley served as a crossroads of civilizations, linking East and West across the vast Eurasian landmass. The earliest evidence of human occupancy dates back to 40,000 – 15,000 years ago, the valley was continuously occupied throughout the prehistoric and bronze ages and early historic times, was settled successively by the Huns, Turkic peoples, the Uighurs, the Kidans, and finally the Mongols.

Besides all the historic and cultural sights, you can also enjoy beautiful Orkhon Waterfall and camp on the banks of the Orkhon River.

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