Bulgan Province


Travelling to Bulgan

Mountain Forest Steppe, Rolling Grasslands And Diverse Wildlife

From the highest mountains on the Khangai mountain forest steppe zone, to rolling green hills and dry grassland in the south, you’ll find countless things to see and do in Bulgan province. Bulgan province is situated in the northern part of Mongolia borders with Russian Federation. Majestic high mountains of Bulgan, Buregkhangai and Dulaankhaan dominate in the northern part of the province, rich in wildlife with elks, bears, deer, white antelopes, boars, musk deer, lynxes, squirrels, and marmots.

Soil type is sandy with semi desert features in the southern part while fertile land is mainly in the north for crop cultivation. Mongolia’s largest river, Selenge flows through province to the Russian border. Legendary Khugnu Khaan mountain in Rashaant soum accommodates historic Uvgun monastery, built in 1660 and destroyed by the soldiers of Zuungar Khaan Galdan boshigt, an enemy of Zanabazar’s in 1640. Currently, 10 monks practice Buddhist philosophy in summer time in the monastery, which is located just 5km from the main road from Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin.

Nomads who live in Bulgan province are skilled in horsemanship and make tasty fermented mare’s milk – airag. Uran volcano is located 60km from Bulgan town, on the way to the journey to Khuvsgul province, which offers great hiking opportunities from bottom to the top of the volcano with some nice camping areas. Bulgan province is rich in historical remnants, there are many deer stones carved with reindeer’s images found in Neolithic grave sites called Seeriin Adagiin deerstone.

In the south of the province are two unique historical sites the Ruins of Tsogt taij mansion and Khar Bukh Balgas which are both historically important to Mongolians. Bulgan is a famous area of pilgrimage of Mongolians due to its historic place. Mixed with its wonder spirits, this is a beautiful land to explore by your own and your travel partners.

Best places to visit in Bulgan Province

  • Khugnu Tarna Natural Reserve
  • Uran volcano
  • Selenge river
  • Tsogt taij white mansion
  • Khar Bukh Balgas
  • Bulgan city
  • Saikhan