Khar Bukh Balgas in Bulgan Province


Khar Bukh Balgas or Khar Bukh Ruin is located in Dashinchilen soum of Bulgan province, 12km away from Dashinchilen town, next to Khar Bukh River Bridge. Sources suggest that the building of this ruin was constructed during the Khitan period. But the monastery built by stones inside the ruin was established by Mongolians in the 17th century. The settlement of Khar Bukh can be measured by the traces and it is believed that it covered an area of 500 square meters. And it is considered to be a wonder that the buildings of Khur Bukh were built by volcanic basalt, grindstone and sedimentary rock beautifully stacked on top of each other. Nowadays, only the walls of the settlement remain. An anthology of Mongolian law written on tree barks that dates back to the 14th-15th century was found near the ruin by Perlee, a research scientist. The anthology included various religious sutras, rule books and an official Mongolian traditional script alphabet handbook. Due to its historical and cultural values, Khar Bukh Balgas has become state protected in 1998.

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