Karakorum (Kharkhorin) in Uvurkhangai

founded by Genghis Khan in 1220


Karakorum is an ancient capital city of the Great Mongol Empire established by Genghis Khan in 1220. He made his headquarters here and used it as a base for his invasion of China. Karakorum is strategically located on the most important east-west route across Mongolia, not far from the Orkhon River. Throughout your trip you will see all varied landscapes from golden sand dunes to endless steppes, making stops at beautiful crystal lakes, waterfalls and historical monasteries.

Once served as the capital of Mongolian Empire and an essential station of the Silk Road, Karakorum city has much more to share than its current physical appearance. It was a welcoming city not only because of convenience of trade but also because all the religions were welcomed in the Mongol Empire. Therefore, many monasteries, churches and mosques were established. Mongolian largest and the historically most significant religious and cultural center – Erdene Zuu monastery – is operating as a museum here. It is also known as the oldest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Different stone relics and other ancient artefacts are standing around the city to reveal the history and stories dated back to hundreds of years ago.

Elsen Tasarkhai, magnificent oasis with sand dunes, vegetations, lake and birds, is located close to Karakorum. Therefore, you have the chance to experience noteworthy historical, religious, natural and adventurous side of Mongolia, all in one short period of time.

One of the highlights of the trip is visiting endangered subspecies of the wild horse Takhi (Przewalski) in their own nature. This will be one of the unforgettable adventurous experiences.

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