Tsogt Taij White Mansion in Bulgan Province


Tsogt Taij White Mansion is a ruin of small castle once occupied by Tsogt Taij, a Khalkha lord, located in Dashinchilen soum of Bulgan province. The mansion was built for Tsogt Taij’s mother, lady Madai Taigal, and was used as a school building before Tsogt Taij resided in there. Several foundations surrounding the mansion suggest that there were families followed Tsogt Taij lived around White Mansion. The building is designed by the style of ancient city of Karakorum and besides being a mansion it was also a library with numerous books and sutra. Tsogt Taij was born in 1581 in a family of Genghis Khan Lineage. He was a highly educated poet, translator and military personnel. Once commanded 40 thousand soldiers, he supported Ligdan Khan, the last khan of Borjigin clan and fought against Manchuria. Unfortunately, he was killed on the battlefield in 1637, failing to win against southern invaders.

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