Orkhon Province


Travelling to Orkhon

Amarbayasgalant Monastery & Second Largest City Erdenet

Orkhon’s favorable location, scenic beauty, and strategical mining sites are top reasons it continues to attract, welcome, and charm the domestic and international visitors. The Orkhon province is close to main tourist attractions in Mongolia; Amarbayasgalant monastery, Selenge and Khuvsgul provinces.

The key economic source for Mongolia, Erdenet mining is located in the Orkhon province. A rich deposit of copper and molybdenum was discovered by joint geological expeditions of Mongolia, Russia and Czechoslovakia in 1970. As a result, Soviet-Mongolian copper ore mining factory called Erdenet was established in 1974. Today, the Erdenet is considered as one of the ten biggest plants in the world and produces 25% of the total state budget and 51% of the total national exports.

Prior to 1994, Orkhon aimag was belonged to Bulgan province, therefore biodiversity and climate characteristics are quite similar to each other. Erdenet city is the Mongolia’s second largest city with 74 000 residents plus significant amount of Russian community. The Erdenet is beautiful and modern city with inner spirits. It is far pleasant than most towns in the countryside. Traveling to Erdenet become more popular all year around, which brings more advantages to operate fine hotels, decent restaurants with delicious cuisines and events. Erdenet city is a great place to stop over, place of interest or recharge on your way through the tourist attractions in the northern part of Mongolia.

Best places to visit in Orkhon Province

  • Erdenet city
  • Erdenet mine
  • Mining museum
  • Erdenet black market
  • Friendship monument