Ugii lake in Arkhangai Province

An Incredible Natural Beauty


Ugii Lake is a freshwater lake, located in the center of Mongolia, eastern Arkhangai province. It is one of the biggest lakes of Mongolia and has 27 km squire area with average depth of 6.64 m, in some sections 15.3 m, coastal length is 23.5 m.

Ugii lake abounds in various types of fish and birds, which creates an incredible natural beauty. Ugii Lake also provides a favorable condition for research work and traveling. It attracts travelers, tourists and nature researchers from Mongolia as well as from foreign countries. Also it is enthusiastic for swimming, sunbathing, horse and camelback riding around the lake. Don’t forget to take your swimming costume when you visit Uugii Lake as the water is very warm during summer.

This is a wonderful place for birdlife - a stopover point for more than 150 species of migrating water birds. Ugii lake is also renowned for its fishing, and is rich in Perch and Pike. The catch possible from the lake is 50 tons a year. Swan Goose, White Spoonbill and Dalmatian Pelican have been recorded.

Also, this lake is worshiped, so locals prohibit women from getting in to the water. In 1971, Ramsar convention registered Ugii lake as a protected water ecosystem.

There are several ger tourist camps around the lake, as well an information and training center. Make sure to keep your camera and binoculars handy for spotting and documenting rare birdlife.

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