National History Museum of Ulaanbaatar

Throwing you centuries back

Step back into the ancient Mongolia and enjoy the opportunity to explore nation’s traditions and rich cultural heritage. Throwing you centuries back, 10 thematic halls of the National History Museum will take you through the years of deep-rooted history up to the modern Mongolia.
Walking through it you will find archaeological materials, photographs and schemes of paleontological finds, numismatics, weapons, musical instruments, objects of everyday life and worship. One of the newest expositions are the materials of the excavation in 2000 of the tomb of Bilge-khan Bogu (VIII century).
Don’t miss your chance to see an outstanding traditional costumes and jewelry section on the second floor of the museum, which represents a wide range (more than 20) of ethnic groups of the country. History lovers would be especially fascinated with the Mongolian Empire, 17th-20th Century Mongolia, Mongolia 1911-1920 and Socialist Mongolia halls. Here you can see firsthand real 12-century military equipment and armour, letters of Pope Innocent IV to Guytik Khaan, as well as furnished ger and household items.
All these priceless artifacts make National History Museum a well worth a visit. Plan to spend there at least 1 hour, but consider another hour if you want to see everything in detail. Information is provided in English as well. You will also find small souvenir shop.

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