Diving Experience in Mongolia

First Diving Center


Could you ever imagine to dive in Mongolia? Wait a minute, isn’t that a landlocked country in the middle of Asia with the Gobi Desert covering a significant part of it?

You can be sure that Escape to Mongolia selected for you the most unique activities in the country!

Great Sea Resort is the first diving center in Mongolia which was opened in summer 2017 in a beautiful position on the south west shore line of Khuvsgul lake. There is a camp with 15 gers in full operation starting from June until end of September. Every ger can accommodate 4 pax. Besides, there is a restaurant that can provide meal during all day and where you can buy soft drinks and alcohol, clean toilet building with hot water shower.

The highlight of the camp is, of course, the dive center. If you have never tried diving before, but are interested in what lies beneath the surface, Great Sea Resort offers a number of possibilities for you to give it a go. They provide everything for complete beginners from Discover to Dive Master, through the full range of PADI scuba diving courses.

Lake Khuvsgul, not far from its better known Siberian neighbor Lake Baikal, is the second largest lake in Central Asia and contains 1-2% of the world’s fresh water. Revered by Mongolians as sacred and surrounded by mountains in a protected Mongolian national park, this narrow, 80 mile-long body of water resides at an altitude of 5000 feet and looks like one of the northern Great Lakes. The lake is frozen more than it is fluid and therefore constitutes a challenge requiring a dry suit and dive table calculation for altitude. The season for diving is usually open from the middle of June until mid of September. Dive center at Great Sea Resort has 10 full sets including dry suit for all size from XS to L.

Great Sea Resort offers some other activities like snorkeling with full equipment, kayaking with the bottom glass single and double kayaks, horse riding and bicycling.

Discover Khuvsgul lake on special diving aluminium boat or 2 red zodiacs for the short trips. A 16 meter big boat with 40 seats with all safety items is also available for a fun trip with a group of tourists around the lake. All trips can be customized.

While the area surrounding Khuvsgul, and even its surface are famous for their beauty, the lake's depths, which reach 262 meters, remain largely unknown. The lake is so big and there is so much yet to discover!

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