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Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum in Ulaanbaatar



One of the first museums in Mongolia, the Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan, was built in 1924. It is considered to be one of the few Ulaanbaatar historical attractions not destroyed by the Soviet and Mongolian communists. It is a highlight of Ulaanbaatar and definitely worth a visit. Located in southern Ulaanbaatar on the road to Zaisan, your trip to the Winter Palace can be combined with a trip to nearby Zaisan Memorial.

This is the only remaining palace out of four residences where Bogd Khaan, the last Mongolian ruler, resided. The palace now displays the collection of personal belongings of the last king and his wife, as well as a wide variety of priceless religious and cultural art works ranging from statues of gods, tankas, and papier-mache many of which are produced by the first Bogd Khaan.

This well preserved museum and palace complex consists of traditional Mongolian temple-style structures along with a 19th century manor-style housing complex replete with taxidermy from the Khan's collection of animals. Other curios await the visitor, including a lavishly decorated ger lined with the skins of 150 snow leopards, complete with gilded ephemera illustrating the stark contrasts of how wealthy classes compared to everyday Mongolians lived during this period. Mongolia’s Declaration of Independence (from China in 1911) is among the exhibits.

If you like history and want to learn more about Mongolia this is the place. Needs 45-60 minutes for a leisurely meandering through the rooms as well as the courtyard.

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