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Fishing in Mongolia is a wonderful experience which should be on every angler's bucket list. This country appeals to anglers of all ages and skill levels. Over 4000 rivers and more than 30 lakes, Mongolia is a fabulous place to catch a wide variety of fish, where you get a chance to test the convergence of your skill, luck and angler’s optimism. This is about the opportunity and privilege of sharing some of the world’s last wild rivers with the planet’s largest trout.

Top places to fish include the Selenge river near the Russian - Mongolian border, Lake Khuvsgul, Tsagaan Nuur (or Great White Lake) in Arkhangai, the Kharaa river in Darkhan-Uul and the Orkhon river in Overkhangai, Shiishigt, Egiin, Delger Moron and Ureen rivers and at the point where the Chuluut, Selenge, Delger Moron, Bugsei and Ider rivers converge.

If you come to Mongolia prepared for a wonderful angling challenge and celebrate every fish, you will have the fly fishing trip of a lifetime and you will want to come back for more!

Despite its landlocked status, Mongolia's many deep water lakes and rivers are teeming with the fish. Besides taimen, a distant relative of the Atlantic salmon, anglers vie for lenok (a type of trout), grayling and pike, among others. So, with such an excellent fishing, why not treat yourself to the full board option or escape for a weekend and try your luck? Well, now is your chance to visit this stunning part of the world on your own.

Fish Species

The peaceful environment offers a perfect opportunity to escape the tension of the city and just relax and unwind. The fishing season lasts from about August 20th till the end of October. This time usually there is no rain and water is transparent and at a low level, enabling the best catch.

They say the most remote fishing is the best! Well, they are not wrong! No need to wait until you get here, start to plan your trip today.

Winter Fishing in Mongolia

Sitting here wishing you were out fishing? Winter season makes you feel bored? Time to escape to Mongolia for some hard-core ice fishing! One of the best places for ice fishing in Mongolia is Khuvsgul lake (for grayling and lenok) or Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake (for pike). Read more… 

Getting here and getting around Mongolia  

There are plenty of ways to get to Mongolia and get around once you are here in our country: by air, by train and/or by renting a car.

Remember, you will need to ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival, and you may need an exit visa exit visa from the Office of Immigration, Naturalization & Foreign Citizens (INFC). Escape to Mongolia can advise you on all of these matters and ensure that you are well prepared for your trip to Mongolia.


The majority of visitors to Mongolia arrive by air through Chinggis Khaan International Airport, located just to the southwest of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. There are several airlines that fly to Mongolia (airport code: ULN) directly from Korea, China, Russia, Germany (via Moscow) and Japan. Aero Mongolia offers domestic flights if you want to explore the country in a short time.

Beyond the domestic routes, Aero Mongolia flies to China and Russia, connecting Europe and Asia with great comfort at low cost.


The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest continuous rail line on earth, a ‘bucket list’ entry for every savvy traveler. The total distance by rail from Beijing to St Petersburg, Russia is 7925 km.

The world’s most famous railway route runs between Moscow - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing. You can start your trip at any of these points, and immerse yourself in three completely different cultures. Some travelers choose to combine train and air travel when visiting Mongolia, for example arriving by train from Moscow or Beijing and then returning by air.


Need a car for your stay in Mongolia? Want to explore countryside? We recommend you to rent 4x4 rental cars like Suzuki Jimny or 4x4 Pickup Trucks from SIXT rent a car company.

Taimen photo

Catch your dream!

The peaceful environment offers a perfect chance to escape the tension of the city and just relax and unwind over the weekend! This is about the opportunity and privilege of sharing some of the world’s last wild rivers with the planet’s largest trout. Read more...

Every angler definitely has a chance to catch a trophy fish.  However, taimen fishing is not easy.  These fish are big, old and smart. Taimen areperhaps the world’s most incredible dry fly experience. Every taimen you encounter– whether you miss it or land it – will create a lasting memory. Read more...


Fishing Permit in Mongolia

A fisherman should take note of catch-and-release rules, particularly for the dwindling taimen population, and be sure to buy fishing permits in the local town before hitting the water. Some take the risk of fishing illegally, which can get you in big trouble if you’re caught.

For national parks, fishing permit is available at the park office and are valid for two days or 10 fish, whichever comes first. Approximate price: USD$ 20. While it’s relatively easy to get a fishing permit in a national park, buying one for other areas is more difficult. E.g. taimen fishing regulations required to have a fishing license for all foreign anglers. In Mongolia, these are referred to as a “Taimen Permit”.

The permits are issued by the national government. The Ministry of Environment’s logo will appear on the permit. The permit will state the valid fishing dates and location. Your name will appear on the permit. Each taimen permit costs approximately USD$ 400.

Please note: official fishing season starts from June 16th until November 1st. If you need any assistance in organizing your permit for fishing in winter, please contact us for further details.

Gear for Fishing in Mongolia 

At Hobby Fishing Store opposite Kempinski Hotel you can find different kind of fishing gear, mainly imported from the US. Now traveling in Mongolia on your own is much easier with your fishing equipment and Escape to Mongolia Rental Camping Set. Don’t need to bring your own equipment, we found the best solution for your comfort travel. Please contact us for further details.

Frequent Questions about Fishing in Mongolia

How many rivers does Mongolia have, and is it a good destination for fishing enthusiasts?

Mongolia is home to over 4,000 rivers and numerous lakes, making it a dream destination for anglers.

Which is the largest Mongolian river that flows towards the Arctic Ocean?

The largest Mongolian river that flows towards the Arctic Ocean is the Selenga River, part of the "Northern Artic Basin".

What are the distinguishing characteristics of the Taimen fish found in Mongolia?

The Taimen is the largest salmonid in the world, often referred to as "river wolf" by Mongolians. It has an olive green or darker upper body surface that transitions to a reddish brown tail, with a particularly impressive dark red tail fin.

Which fish species require a professional guide and proper license to fish in Mongolia?

Taimen fishing in Mongolia requires a professional guide, the proper license, and is only allowed in four specific rivers.

What are the major water systems in Mongolia?

The major water systems in Mongolia are the "Northern Artic Basin", the "Pacific Ocean Basin", the "Central Asian Internal Basin", and the "Great Lakes Depression".

Which is the largest lake in Mongolia by volume and which is the largest by surface area?

By volume, the largest lake is Khuvsgul lake. Uvs Lake is the largest by surface area but contains saline water.

What are the primary fish species found in Mongolia for angling?

The primary fish species in Mongolia include Taimen, Lenok, Altai Osman, Burbot, Amur Pike/Pike, and different species of Grayling.

Which waters are Taimen found in and what are the restrictions related to Taimen fishing?

Taimen can be found in both the Northern Artic Basin and the Pacific Ocean Basin, especially in rivers like Ider, Chuluut, Selenga, Eg, Orkhon, Onon, and Delgermörön. Taimen fishing is restricted to only four of these rivers, and it requires a professional guide and the proper license.

What makes the Mongolian Grayling unique compared to other Grayling species?

The Mongolian Grayling is unique because of its large size and aggressive nature. Unlike other Grayling species that are omnivores, larger Mongolian Grayling are aggressive predatory fish, primarily due to the lack of other predatory fish in their habitat.

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