Tes River Zavkhan


Tes River is located in Bayantes soum of Zavkhan province. It takes its source from Bulnai Mountains and flows 568km to the west and becomes a tributary to Uvs Lake. But before it feeds into Uvs Lake, Tes River crosses Russian border and re-enters Mongolian territory in Tes soum of Uvs province. Tes River hosts rare species such as pelican, spoonbill, black stork, white-headed duck, whooper swan, mute swan, relict gull, great egret, bar-headed goose, great bustard, Houbara bustard, Eurasian penduline tit, white-tailed eagle and swan goose. And the thicket along the river is a home to endangered species such as wild boar, Central Asian beaver, marbled polecat, mink, stoat, Siberian salamander, Siberian roe deer and red deer.

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