Spiritual Roadtrip to the Energy Center


Travel to Dornogovi province and visit the famous Energy Center and camp outside in the Gobi desert under billions of stars. Step away from the city life to beautiful remote sand dunes, recharge your energy, and learn about the famous Saint Danzanravjaa and his monastery. Close enough for a weekend escape from Ulaanbaatar this trip will help you unwind and it’s perfect for anyone who’s seeking for a place to meditate.

Sainshand trip map 

Trip total: 1248 kilometers.

Trip duration: 2-4 days.

Recommendations: Suitable vehicle (Suzuki Jimny, Nissan Pick-up, Nissan Navara, 4x4, and Camper Van), tent (we recommend Heimplanet tents due to the strong winds that can occur in the night and tents from Heimplanet are resistant to storms up to 180km/h), light sleeping bags, cookware, sunscreen.

Trip highlights:

- Beautiful Gobi desert scenery
- Historic Buddhist monastery
- Relaxing sand dunes
- Energy center
- Sacred mountains
- Ritual sites
- Camping under a clear blue sky and billions of stars


Day 1. Ulaanbaatar – Sainshand

Drive to Sainshand capital of Dornogovi Province and spend a night in a hotel. Or you could leave UB early in the morning and bypass Sainshand then head straight to Khamar Monastery.

Day 2. Sainshand – Khamar Monastery/Energy Center

Visit the Energy Center known as Shambhala early in the morning because locals believe it is best to enter the Energy Center right at sunrise. Surrounded by 108 stupas this site not only charges you with energy it also gives a relaxing vibes. There are meditation caves surrounding the area as well as the well-known Muumun Khad (Breast Rock). It is believe that only women are allowed to visit and pray to the Breast Rock to ask for fertility and only when a son loses a mother can visit the sacred Rock to pray. Meanwhile there’s a mountain called Bayanzurkh, 23km to northwest of the monastery which is believed to grant wishes, only this time women are not allowed at the peak. After exploring around the area pay a visit to Khamar Monastery, founded by Danzanravjaa who had the biggest cultural influence back in 19th century. The monastery complex contained a public library, a museum, a theatre and a school for children that provided non-religious education. Stay in ger camps or set up your tent nearby and spend the night in the desert. 

Day 3. Khamar Monastery – Burdene Sand Dunes

Head out to Burdene Sand Dunes with a beautiful oasis where Saint Danzanravjaa used to come with his disciples and meditate. There are 108 springs in the area to explore and this gorgeous sand dunes are perfect for camping. This remote location is ideal for meditation and will give you a chance to unwind.
Day 4. Burdene Sand Dunes – Ulaanbaatar
Enjoy the morning in the desert before going back to UB on a long drive to recharge yourself with positive energy as much as possible. ;)

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