Buun Tsagaan Lake Bayankhongor


Located in Baatsagaan soum, Bayankhongor province, Buun Tsagaan Lake is the biggest one in the Lake Valley. This saltwater lake is fed by Baidrag River which takes a source from Khangai mountain range. The Lake Valley consists of Taatsiin Tsagaan Lake, Adgiin Tsagaan Lake, Orog Lake and Buun Tsagaan Lake. Out of these lakes, Buun Tsagaan Lake is in the top 10 biggest lakes in Mongolia by area with its 11km width and 24km length. The lake looks white from afar, hence the name Buun Tsagaan which roughly translates to Whole Bunch of White. The main attraction of the lake is the birds. There are 96 species of bird migrate over Buun Tsagaan Lake which makes a great spot for bird watching. Most notable ones are the Dalmatian pelican, the swan goose, Pallas’s fish eagle, relict gull, the Houbara bustard and the Asian dowitcher.

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