Selenge River in Bulgan Province


Selenge River is a major river system and one of the biggest rivers in Mongolia. If you include the main sources, which are Delger River and Ider River, Selenge River is 1024km long and the half of it is on Russian soil and it flows into the Lake Baikal. Selenge River is the main source of Lake Baikal and actually feeds 50% of the lake’s water to it. There are 26 types fish species in Selenge River and the main game fishes are pike, lenok, perch, common carp, ruff, taimen, Siberian sturgeon and omul. Fishing in the Selenge area extends to Kharaa-Yeruu river basin too. Besides the river that is rich with fishes, the basin is quite beautiful and the scenery is enjoyed even without fishing. Specially the Eg-Selenge basin and Orkhon-Selenge basin is picturesque and they are perfect spots for camping.

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