Chuluut River in Arkhangai Province


Located in Arkhangai, Chuluut River flows through Tariat and Undur-Ulaan soum and it is 415km long. Chuluut River joins Ider and Delger River before forming Selenge River and it flows through 20m deep steep canyon that continues about 100km.

The canyon is formed by basaltic rock made by magma from the Khorgo volcano and some other inactive volcanoes that surround Khorgo Mountain. There is a small waterfall near Suman confluence named Choidog Rapids and there you can see congregate of fishes that came from Selenge River basin jumping up the waterfall. The canyon that Chuluut River flows through contains numerous springs that has hydro carbonate, sulfate and sodium in them.

Also, you can explore Neolithic and Bronze age rock paintings on the canyon. Some of the paintings depict women giving birth, a hunter with a bow and an arrow, ibex and deer herds, oxen, mountain sheep and man with a mask.

Chuluut River is frozen from November to April so a visit during summer time is recommended.

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