Sukhbaatar Province


Travelling to Sukhbaatar

Extinct Volcanas, Largest Cave, Canyons, Steppe, Sand Dunes

Sukhbaatar, also known as “Dariganga”, offers some of the most offbeat attractions and spectacular sights and places to visit. It is located in the eastern part of Mongolia, named after the revolutionary hero in 1921, Sukhbaatar.

The regional characteristic is defined by Dariganga plateau in volcanic region which was formed 10,000 years ago. Dariganga is the most amazing mixture of canyons, caves, mineral springs, steppe, sand dunes and endangered faunas. The area has Mongolia’s richest collection of man-stones, volcanos and mineral springs.

Baruun -Urt is significant provincial capital for its mining of coal, wolfram and zinc. The locals are referred as “Darigangas” a group of people who live in Altan Ovoo, Ganga Lake famous for their silver jewelry and blacksmith skills. These people were settled by the Qing Dynasty from Chahar, Khalkha and Uuld ethnics to herd animals of the Qing Emperor in 1700s.

Among Mongolians, the region is home for legendary Tooroi bandi, the “local Robin Hood”, who stole horses from Manchu and redistributed to the poor nomadic families while hiding in the Shiliin Bogd mountain. Every Mongolian men know Shiliin Bogd Mountain, an extinct volcano with open crater. Traditionally, Mongolian men pilgrimage to catch first sunset of Lunar New Year Day in order to revive their manhood spirits.

Ganga lake is in the list of must-see attractions, where thousands of migrating swans present in summer time. Mongolia’s largest cave Taliin Agui, or Steppe Cave, a lava tube with seven chambers to explore is another landmark of the province. Lkhachinvandad Uul, a granite mountain is a natural reserve which accommodates deer, gazelles, wolves, many rodents and declared as a protected area in 1965. Surprisingly, this beautiful piece of natural wonder is not explored by travelers and you will be amazed by its beauty.

Best places to visit in Sukhbaatar Province

  • Altan Ovoo mountain
  • Eguzur Hutagt monastery
  • Lkhachinvandad Natural Reserve
  • Ganga Lake Natural Reserve
  • Archeological complex of Tavan Tolgoi
  • Taliin Agui cave
  • Shiliin Bogd Mountain
  • Dariganga
  • Bichigt canyon