Eguzer Khutagt Monastery in Sukhbaatar


Eguzeriin Khiid or Eguzer Khutagt Monastery is located in Erdenetsagaan soum of Sukhbaatar province, near Chono River or Wolf River. The monastery was established in 1780 and built on the order of a Manchurian king. It was modeled after a Russian town planning from Catherine the Great era. There were about 20 buildings in the styles of Chinese, Japanese, Tibetian and Mongolian architecture. Eguzer Khutagt Monastery used to be called Unu Uglugt and Enger Myangat before it became Eguzeriin Khiid. In the early 1900, Eguzer Khutagt Galsandash became the religious leader of the monastery and ran the monastery until 1929. He had a great influence on lives of eastern Mongolian people, planting trees cultivating land, breeding animals for the zoo he built and such. As of 1927, Eguzeriin Khiid hosted 1325 monks. Eguzer Khutagt Galsandash was accused of being a counter-revolutionary in September, 1930, and got shot with to death with seven other suspects of counter-revolution.

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