Khasagt Khairkhan Mountain in Gobi Altai


Located in Sharga, Bayan-Uul, Jargalan and Taishir soums of Gobi-Altai province, Khasagt Khairkhan Mountain is a strictly protected area that was established to preserve endangered species. Khasagt Khairkhan was widely inhabited by rare species such as marten, snow-cock, ibex, argali sheep, bearded vulture and snow leopard, it became strictly protected area in 1995.

The area is a combination of the Gobi desert, steppe and Khangai range and bursting with its fauna. Besides the endangered species you can spot common weasel, chipmunk, deer and willow ptarmigan and so on.

Khasagt Khairkhan is a part of the Mongolian Altai Mountain Range and the mountain covers 27,448 hectare.

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