Ikh Bogd and Baga Bogd Bayankhongor


Ikh Bogd Mountain is located in the Gobi Altai Range and it stretches 50km long. Situated in a landscape with mixture of desert and steppe, the Ikh Bogd rock formation erects 3957m above sea level. After the 11 magnitude earthquake that hit the region in 1957, a 270km long fault line was formed between the North of Baga Bogd and the North of Bayan Tsagaan. Also, because of that earthquake a couple of small lake called Oyut and Binderya were created. The Oyut Lake is 200m long and 170m wide with a depth of 25m. Meanwhile the lake Binderya has a surface of 27.5km and it is 14m deep. There are 10 big caves that can be found on Ikh Bogd Mountain and the biggest one is Tsagaan Cave (White Cave). Tsagaan Cave is 38km long and 5m wide with its ceiling reaching 10m at the highest point. Historic evidences suggest there were people living inside this cave about 700,000 years ago.

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