Uran Volcano in Bulgan Province


Uran Volcano or Uran Mountain is an extinct volcano located in Khutag-Undur soum of Bulgan province, 80km to the west of Bulgan town. This 1686m tall inactive volcano has a 500-600m wide and 50-60m deep crater and it has become a state protected mountain in 1965. There is a micro lake inside the crater that is 1.5m deep and has 20m diameter, surrounded by trees. Beside Uran Volcano, there are three more inactive volcanoes that you can explore. Tulga Mountain, Togoo Mountain and Jalavch Mountain are located 12km to the south of Uran Volcano. Scientists suggest that these volcanoes last erupted 20-25 thousand years ago. Flora includes flowers such as thistle, tulip and roseroot, herbs such as cumin, astragalus and aging chive. As for the wildlife, you can spot argali sheep, ibex, Siberian roe deer, marmot, hare, Daurian partridge, ural owl, hawk, cuckoo, ruddy shelduck and various types of snake.

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